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Monday, January 22, 2007
A Happy (warm) Camper
When Michele and I bought this house last year the home inspector suggested we put more insulation in the attic. After all, the house only had the original insulation from when it was built back in the early 50's. Back then, fuel oil was cheaper than insulation!

Anyway we had a local guy (begin plug)
(end plug)
come in last week and blow 10" of cellulose insulation into our attic on top of what was already there. Believe it or not, I already feel a difference.

I no longer get an Arctic blast in the morning when I open my closet door. Jimmy's closet ceiling doesn't sweat anymore. And today... I noticed we still had snow on our roof! Last year, our roof was the first to thaw.

At $700 for 750 square feet of attic space, this was a damn good home improvement investment!
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