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Thursday, April 19, 2007
We Can See
As you have already read in previous blogs, our house was built back in the early 50's. As time goes on, we do upgrades as we can afford them. This time around it was windows. We replaced all the windows on the second floor with brand new vinyl replacement windows this week.

We again selected a local guy (begin plug)
(end plug)
to come in and replace 9 windows upstairs and cap both the upstairs and downstairs windows. Again, what a difference.

Not only do the windows look sharp both inside and out, we can actually see out of them when we wake up on those cold mornings. The original windows were old-style wood windows with storm sashes. They were in bad need of painting and some of them were starting to rot. On cold mornings we couldn't see out of them because they were always fogged up because they sucked at keeping out the cold. Guess what, GOOD RIDDANCE! These new windows have all the latest bells & whistles and their website ( looks really cool.

The installers were machines. Three guys showed up around 8:20 on Tuesday morning and they were done everything by 2:40 in the afternoon. The job went fast because these guys knew what they were doing. When they were finished, you couldn't even tell they were there... everything was spotless. The only thing I had to do was touch up the paint around the bathroom window. That one was a tough install and some of the paint on the molding chipped off. The rest of the windows however don't need to be touched.

At $3400 for 9 windows and 14 cappings, this was another damn good home improvement investment!

I also want to mention our new garage door. The old one was rotted out to the point I could push my finger through it.

We picked a local guy from the old neighborhood (begin plug)
(end plug)
and are very happy.

An insulated raised panel steel door with capping and a reasonable price of $850. Not something I was planning to do but it needed to be done. Ironically, the garage door took about the same time to install as the windows. However there was only one guy doing the install. That said, he did a hell-of-a good job and we're pleased with the product and the workmanship.

Dave's home improvement tip... select local contractors that specialize in the job you need done and ask for references. You'll be happy that you did.
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  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous bjciii said…

    Thanks Dave! I have been looking for someone to replace some windows at my house!! My buddy got 12 windows for over $6000 and I thought that was a bit too high. Now I have options :)

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Doug said…

    you alive??

  • At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Use ACCU-WELD windows !!!!!!
    On a scale of 1-10 ACCU-WELD windows are a "3" at best. They wholesale at there plant in bucks county where they make them for $65.00 yes I said $65.00. You should have done your homework my friend, Why do you think there prices are so damn cheap????, You get what you pay for and thats a fact. A good window wholesales for $250-$350.00.
    For a good window install for your home cost around $550- $650 per window. GORREL, BF- RICH ARE THOSE TYPES OF WINDOWS. I build homes for a living and I would put ACCU-WELD windows in some of the homes I FLIP in North Philadelphia meaning $30,000 to $50,000 junk row homes. Look into there u-factor and r-ratings. And for sashlite, lmfao. Do you really know what it means and DO NOT GO BY THERE WEBSITE. sashlitle means they have came up with a short cut how to make the window and keeps down on labor they have to pay people at there plant to amke them. It cut out about 2 men.

    What did you pay $ 365.00 a window??? Man did they get you

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