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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Wow, That Was So Nice
You know, when life is sucking the big one, every once in a while someone comes along and does something to make me smile.

Yesterday I got an email from PayPal saying money was deposited in my account. My first thought was, "Yeah, right. Phish!" After reading the email carefully, I realized that all the necessary PayPal markers were there, the email was legitimate.

Still skeptical, because I'm not expecting any money, I went to the PayPal web site. NOTE: I DID NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS, I MANUALLY LAUNCHED MY BROWSER AND TYPED IN THE PAYPAL URL.

When I accessed my account, sure enough, someone had sent me $2.00. Along with the deposit was a very nice note from a gentleman named Jaako from Arlington, VA. He thanked me for my Print Preview extension for Firefox. Turns out he finds the extension very useful and just wanted to show it.

Jaako, if you're reading this, again thank you for the donation, it really wasn't necessary.

Anyway, if you're a Firefox user and want to try my Print Preview extension, visit my Free Software page at and check it out. Donations are not necessary.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
No, It's Not Dead
No, this blog is not dead. I've just been REAL busy. To sum things up...

The new job... hmmm... I'd be lying if I said everything is wonderful. I'm currently being micro-managed. Also, the day starts at 8:00, lunch is from 12:00 - 1:00, and quiting time is 5:00. No exceptions! Anyone who really knows me, knows this is killing me. It's a big disappointment for now. When my contract comes up for renewal, if they can't reassign me to the development group, I'll move on.

Ah, the new house. The painting continues. Done: dining room, living room, stairway going up to bedrooms, upstairs hallway, & Nicholas' bedroom. To-Do: Jimmy's bedroom, our bedroom, and now... the kitchen. We hadn't planned on the kitchen but we had an accident last night. The valve on the pressure cooker popped off and stuffed pepper juice soaked everything from shoulder level up. What a mess!

That pretty much is everything.
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