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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
MBNA / Bank of America, Here I Come
I tendered my resignation at Vanguard yesterday; my last day there is April 12th. I start my new job with MBNA/BofA on April 13th.

I know, you're all saying, "Who the hell starts a new job on Thursday?" The simple answer, people going to work for MBNA/BofA do. It's their rule, I can't explain it, I can only accept it.

You probably also wonder why I'm not taking a little time off. That answer is simple too... Windows! No, not Microsoft Windows, vinyl replacement windows. See, I'm going from being paid twice a month to being paid every week. I can live on my last semi-monthly paycheck and throw my first two weekly paychecks into my home. God knows we need new windows upstairs.

Does anyone have any comments (good or bad) regarding Home Depot's American Craftsman 9500 series windows? The previous owner of my house put them in all the downstairs windows. We'd like to do the same upstairs. I'm told they're top of the line, especially with the low-E glass and the argon gas.

Anyway, why did I leave Vanguard? Again, the answer is simple. I'm not a business analyst / bean counter type. I'm a problem solving, geekie, techie type. I know first hand how my buddy Bill felt at CTM. He was a English major doing technical work. We both were able to do the work given to us but our heart and soul were never really into it.

Oh well, that's all for now. Bill, Hooters, Friday the 14th of April, BE THERE !!!

BTW, buffalo shrimp, cheese fries, and a pint on Good Friday is not a sin.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006
I'm So Proud of #1 Son
Last night Jimmy met his friends up at the KFC for dinner and then brought them home to hang out. During the day when he was coordinating this little get together he told everyone to bring a bathing suit for the hot tub. Of course they were like, "Yeah - whatever."

When they actually got here last night they were like, "Oh my god - you really do have a hot tub!"

Wanting to go into the hot tub but not having any bathing suits, the girls were in a pickle. They asked Jimmy if he had any extra t-shirts. My son says, "Sure" and proceeds to bring down some white t-shirts that had been tie-dyed in school. Off come the clothes and into the hot tub everyone goes wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts.

Needless to say, Nicholas decided to hang out with his older brother and the friends.

My boy, sitting in a hot tub with his younger brother and 4 half-naked girls. I'm so proud of both of them! Not Worthy

Of course I had to hide in the basement or be branded a pervert. Oh well.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
RSS (or Really Simple Syndication)
While my blog was always RSS ready, unless you knew what you were doing, it was difficult to get it delivered right to you automatically.

Well no more! I've created an awesome RSS Help page that explains in plain English what RSS is. It even has buttons (lots of them) to get you up and running with RSS.

I personally use My Yahoo! for all RSS feeds that I read. However, you should pick your favorite reader.

So what are you waiting for? Click on this button Really Simple Syndication and step in to the world of RSS.
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