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Monday, January 30, 2006
All In Favor, Say "I"
To a Corporate Windfall Profit Tax that is. If a company makes too much money, they'll be taxed and that money re-invested in the infrastructure of this country.

When I'm paying some of the highest gas prices in the history of this country and an oil company like Exxon/Mobile sees a record profit of over $36,000,000,000.00 (yes, that's billion folks) for the year, there is a problem! This is more than any other company in the whole country. The combined profits for the big 3 oil companies... more that $63 billion!

Is it a surprise that an oil man is in the White House? I think not.

I agree with Barbara Boxer of California... Bush should call on the FTC to investigate gouging. Unfortunately, FTC seems to mean Friend to Chevron.

I think big oil should ease up on those profits a little and give the average Joe a break on gas for the cars that get us to a from work as well as the oil we use to heat our home and keep our families warm.

How do you feel about us overflowing the coffers of big oil with record profits? Leave your comments below.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Holy Cow, It's Been That Long?
My folks have been worrying because I haven't called in so long and Jallie Bean left a comment in her blog that I haven't posted in a while so this one's for you guys...

The bathroom install from hell is almost finished!

When we bought this new house we knew there was only 1 bathroom in the place... not enough for a family of 4. We set aside some money from settlement to have a powder room installed in the basement. Here's the catch... the basement is BELOW the sewer line. How do you get all those #1's and #2's out of the house? The Zoeller Qwik Jon, thats how!

Anyway, the guys that we hired to do this job (never go with the lowest bidder folks) didn't even know what a Qwik Jon was let alone ever installed one. They also took every shortcut they could think of. Needless to say, everything came back to bite them in the ass. Leaks, floods, spill overs, improper venting, etc. What a mess! They finally got everything fixed today. Is it code? Who knows.

They took shortcuts with the electrical too. Open grounds, improper wiring, you name it. I spent a couple of hours this past Saturday re-wiring the entire bathroom. It is code... now. Then the guys undid some of my changes and created a dangerous situation. I fixed the wiring again last night and told them this morning, "Don't f**k with my electrical work!"

Anyway, tomorrow they paint, hang the TP and towel holders and finish up. Everything looks OK but only because Michele and I had to take off from work and baby sit them. I was on the phone every night for the past week and a half with the foreman and a list of items that needed to be addressed.

I learned some things with this project and here they are:
  1. Get more than one quote and don't always go with the lowest one.
  2. Insist the contractor get all necessary permits. This insures that he has liability insurance and that he and his workers are licensed. Ask to see the permit!
  3. Check over their work EVERY day. If something doesn't look right, have it addressed. If your not sure or an item doesn't get addressed, have the township building inspector come out for a visit. He'll see that the problems get addressed.
  4. Pay the cost of the project in thirds. The first third gets paid up front... your contractor does need to purchase supplies. The second third gets paid half way through the project when you're happy with what's been done so far. The final third gets paid at the end of the project once the building inspector has blessed the project and you are satisfied with the work done.
What did I do wrong? Well I got more than one quote but I went with the lowest one. I assumed that the second one was handled... wrong, don't assume! We did do 3 and 4 right however.

Well that's all for now. Next thing on the agenda... getting my contract at Vanguard renewed. It expires in 5 weeks so I have to get my boss moving.

Ahh... more sleepless nights.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Splash, Splash... Ahhhh!
We had an electrician come out on Monday and put an outlet on the back deck. Into the hot tub went a hose and an hour later, the tub was full.

Tonight the hot tub was up to temperature and WOO HOO! Michele and I had a relaxing evening just talking.

No Bill, we didn't !!!

Anyway, things are starting to shape up. We still have about 20 boxes to unpack, a powder room to install, and tons of painting to do. The cashiers at the local Home Depot recognize me now and always say, "Hi." The credit cards are getting a thorough work out too.

Wow, home ownership... nothing like it in the world.
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