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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Fall Sucks
This is our first fall in the new house and I now realize that I took something for granted at the old house... TREES! Or the lack there of.

At the old house, we had a tiny, little Japanese Maple out front and two small Crab Apple trees out back. Raking the leaves involved 2 days worth of work every year and less than a dozen trash bags.

Here at our new house I've got this monster Oak tree out front and a huge Maple tree out back. We've been raking the past 4 weekends using between 8-10 bags each weekend. Add to that a shit-load of acorns and you've got some serious work.

What a pain in the ass!

I need to find something other than rakes for this job going forward. A lawn vacuum cleaner for the acorns would be nice too.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.
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  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Doug said…

    Dave, go look at your lawn mower, does it have a bag? Or are you still using that old 2stroke magnesium thing you have had for 400 years? Get a rear bagger if you don't have one, remove the bag with exit door closed and mow the leaves (multch them up) then put the bag on and go over it again to pick up all the choppings. Dump bag in Drum liner trash bags available at BJs. They just happen to fit a rubber made trash can pefectly. No fuss not strain!
    The other option an much less expensive if you don't already have a rear bagger.. PAY THE FREAKING KIDS! After all what what the point in having Kids if you can't make the do the darn yard work!!!

  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous IAMABENZBOY said…

    Cuz... I know too, that's in an exercise in futility for a month or so, to keep the leaves off the lawn, and stop your grass from dying, growing molds, etc. I too have spent many an hour recently, trying to keep up on it a bit at a time. One thing that really helped: I got a Black&Decker "Leaf Hog" (leaf blower) for about $70@HomeDepot. It came w/ a vacuum, bag, and shredder attachment... instant new mulch for the flowerbeds! Works great, and is powerful enough to pick up those spikey ball things from Sweet Gum trees... so likely would work on acorns too. Only wish I had gotten a gas powered one, so I didn't have to haggle w/ 2 or 3 100ft. power cords at a time. Now that most of the leaves are done falling, I bet the blowers will go on sale to make way for even more Christmas stuff than is already on display. May be worth a look. Was a great investment for minimal cost. ~M.

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