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Sunday, December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas!
That's right, Merry Christmas or if you are Jewish, Happy Hanukkah!

No, I am not going to be politically correct and say Happy Holidays as to not offend. This country is way too PC already.

If I missed your cultural holiday for this time of year, I apologize. I'm hoping I covered at least 80% of the population with the above.

Food for thought...

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Why Do I Do This?
Earlier this week, I had an anonymous person post the following...

i cant seem to figure out why you post your everyday lives on the internet, this is the most random thing i have ever come across. why do you "blog" it seems like a hard concept to grasp. well may god have mercy on you when we are judged. sorry if i offend you but i will come back to see if you posted an answer.

I can't be 100% sure why s/he said "may god have mercy on you" but I'm guessing it was because of my endorsement of a shot Pat Oliphant took at Intelligent Design. I don't have any issues with I.D. or Creationism, I just don't believe it should be taught in a public school. If you want your child to learn I.D., then send them to a private school that teaches exactly what you want taught.

Why do I blog? That's easy, to let people who know me keep up with what's happen in my life. I originally started this to keep my folks up to date. Obviously because a blog is public, other family members started reading it as well as old acquaintances.

That's it in a nutshell.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Move Complete!
Well it's done... the move is now complete. A bigger place, a nicer neighborhood, and a little cash to boot. Who cares if you come out of settlement with a 1st & 2nd mortgage right off the bat. Who cares if you'll be paying for a house into your 70's.

Argggg!!! What did we do? So much to unpack. So much to fix up. Oh well, a little time and a lot of money and we'll be fine. We'll have turned our new house into a nice home.

Stayed tuned... some interesting home stories will be coming your way.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Nature's Little Thermometers
So tonight we're eating dinner and Nicholas is being lazy. He asks Michele to cut up his pizza for him. The wife, a wonderful mom indeed, leans over and starts to cut the pizza. A few moments later she sits up, red all over the front of her, and screams.

I'm like, "Holy shit, what happened?" She says, "It's cold!". A closer look revealed that when Michele leaned over to cut the pizza, she plopped her "left one" into a big pile of ketchup.

She was right, the ketchup was cold!
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