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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Because I'm Busy!
Everyone's been saying, "Dave when are you going to update your blog?"

Well, anyone that reads this blog knows I'm moving. Settlement is on 12/9 and what do people that are moving usually do? They pack their stuff up before they move.

So why haven't I updated my BLOG? Because I'm busy packing!!! You never realize just how much crap you own until you have to put it all in boxes.

Anyway, Mom & Dad came up from Florida for Thanksgiving. It was the 4 of us, my bro and his girlfriend, my cuz and his friend, and my folks. Dinner was good and of course I ate too much. Had to loosen the belt and un-button the pants after that meal.

My folks leave Tuesday so we went to the Hibachi tonight for dinner. Mom really seems to love that place. Mom, is it the food or the show or both? We got a chance to talk and catch up before they leave this Tuesday. We won't be seeing them again until the end of August.

Parental units... have a safe trip home and we'll see you in OCNJ the end of August!
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Friday, November 11, 2005
The 48 Hour Scramble
Those of you that read my blog know I'm moving in about a month. Well yesterday we took Nicholas to his new school for pre-registration with the intent of starting him there on 12/12/2005, the Monday after we settle on the new house.

When talking with the new guidance counselor and his new teachers, it was suggested we start Nicholas sooner. They would like to see him start at the beginning of a new marking period instead of somewhere in the middle.

Guess what, the new marking period starts this Monday, 11/14/2005!

His current teachers agreed with that suggestion too so basically in 48 hours we pulled him from his current school and enrolled him in the new school. PAPER WORK!!! I didn't think any government based entity (or sudo government based entity) could move that fast. But we got it all done, Nicholas goes to his new, public school on Monday with all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

Is he ever psyched. No more uniforms. No more religion classes. A cafeteria that actually serves food instead of a spare room with folding tables called a cafeteria. Wood shop, computer class, the list goes on and on. He even gets a basic parental prep class where he and a girl get to care for an egg for a week. He's not looking forward to that however.

I also learned something about Nicholas... he's good in math. I knew he liked math and was pretty good at it but it turns out he is really good! Nicholas will be taking pre-Algebra this year in 7th grade. Next year in 8th grade, he takes Algebra-1, a high school course! When he gets to high school, he'll be a year ahead of his peers in the math department.

Nick, I said this to you today and I'll say it again here... I'm very proud of you!!!

Now my rant about the church...

I called the parish house today and requested a tuition refund. Because of the billing structure the church uses, our tuition is paid through the end of December. When I gave the parish secretary my contact info, she told me they would contact me on Monday and let me know their decision.

What decision? I've paid them money to teach my son through the end of December. He stopped attending the parish school in mid-November. I expect a refund!!! If not for a month and a half, at least for the month of December.

This is just one more reason I am happy about not having my kids in Catholic schools anymore. Between the constant begging for money, the sex abuse scandals, their "holier than thou" attitude about the scandals, and a shitload of other things, good riddance!

Anyway, that's my church rant for today. Time to get some shut eye.
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