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Saturday, June 25, 2005
It's About Personal Dignity
No, actually it's about not grossing everyone else out.

I just got back from the swim club and I have just one thing to say...

Ladies, while you may have looked ultra hot in a bikini when you were a teenager, 20 years and a couple of kids changes the shape of your body!

Fashion Bug Plus and Lane Bryant should NOT be selling bikinis. Hell, manufacturers shouldn't be making bikinis larger than say a size 12 or size 14. I'll admit it, I don't have the stomach that I had 20 years ago. Because of that, you won't see me walking around in a speedo or in spandex. I wear bathing trunks and a tshirt to the pool and the beach.

That said, stop the spillage over the bikini bottoms and wear a one piece swim suit. It leaves us more to the imagination and makes you look a lot sexier.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
A Wasted Evening
Well that was a waste of time! My oldest son graduates tonight. Not College, not High School but 8th grade. While that may not seem like such a big deal, I’m sure it is to him and believe it or not, to me too.

Why was tonight a waste of time? After sitting for nearly 2 hours in a poorly air-conditioned church, I had it! I got up and left. The worst part, I didn’t see my son graduate!

This happens every time there is a school event. My wife says, “Get home early, we have to be at the church at 6:30.” Uh, excuse me, my son has to be at the church at 6:30, I don’t need to be there until 7:00. At 7:00 the mass starts… not an abbreviated mass, but a full-blown 1+ hour mass with communion. We’re talking full bells and whistles. Finally somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30 the event that we’re there for actually starts.

Guess what, after almost 2 hours of being sandwiched in a pew on a hot, sticky night in a poorly air-conditioned church, my patience was gone. I left!

You can like me or hate me for the above rant but that’s how I feel. That said, I have these final thoughts for the 3 special people in my life.

Michele: I’m not doing this anymore. You know how I hate organized religion, especially the Catholic Church. I’m just not going to do this anymore.

Jim: While I did not see you get your certificate, I did see you get your award. Congratulations, I’m very proud of you. As for O’Hara, we’ll see how they do their events and I’ll work a schedule accordingly.

Nicholas: I will be there for your graduation with the following lesson learned: Your mother can drop you off at church at 6:30 and I’ll show up at 8:00 just as the mass is winding down.
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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Pulp Fiction is Done!
A quick update...

Jennifer Shiman has posted Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies) to her web site. Check it out here:
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A Nice Change of Pace
Today I was in downtown Philly playing president for the Greater Philadelphia Area Informix Users Group (GPAIUG). It was a nice change of pace from my daily drive up to Vanguard.

Ahhh... the memories. The mindless commute in and out of the city because someone else is driving the train. The claustrophobic feeling of sitting 3 to a bench on 18" seats. The women that wear skirts that are way too short and blouses that are way too low. Big Grin The smell of stale urine as I walk up the steps by the big clothes pin. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Anyway, we had a good meeting today. I wish my buddy Bill was there; he would have enjoyed the networking even if the content bored him to death. But Bill was a good guy and went into work even though his company is screwing him and everyone else there over big time.

Anyway, here's some Informix shops that were represented at the meeting: Winking
  • Aetna Health Care
  • MBNA (duh!)
  • Superior Courts of PA
  • PA Continuing Legal Education Board
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Friday, June 03, 2005
What Am I Doing to My Kids?
Nicholas made his confirmation earlier this year. Tradition dictates that after church, you take the newly confirmed child and their sponsor out to a nice dinner...

Dave: Hey Nick, where do you want to go for dinner?
Nick: Hooters!
Michele: No way!!!

Now Jimmy is graduating from the 8th grade. Again, tradition dictates if not a party, dinner...

Dave: Hey Jim, where do you want to go for dinner?
Jimmy: Hooters!
Michele: No way!!!

Are you starting to see a pattern here? And no, don't blame the Playboy for the 12 birthday on this. Why is this happening? I just can't figure it out.

Anyway, it should be quite interesting to see how this one pans out. Nick settled for the Hibachi and sushi instead. Jimmy doesn't like the Hibachi.
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