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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Thank God
As you may or may not know, there is a situation here in the Philadelphia area very similar to the Terry Schiavo situation. 72 year old John King Jr. of Doylestown is in a situation where his wife wants a feeding tube inserted into him and his daughter says that's not what he wanted.

Fortunately, Mr. King had the foresight to get a living will. When his wife took the matter to court, Judge David Heckler enforced the living will and ordered that no feeding tube be inserted.

This ruling is good on many levels. I can sleep better at night knowing that because I have a living will, MY wishes will be carried out... not my family's, not the general public's, and sure as hell not the government's. It's also good for the doctors knowing that the courts will back them up when they do what was instructed by the patient under their care.
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Sunday, March 27, 2005
It's Easter!
Well today is Easter Sunday... big deal. When I was a kid, and my sons were little kids, it was a big deal. Now it seems like any other Sunday. We didn't even head down to the shore this year which has been a tradition for quite some time.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Michele's special dinner tonight. No, it's not ham... everyone does ham. Instead we are bucking the norm and having chicken. Not breasts or legs but a whole chicken with stuffing, cranberry sauce, coleslaw, the works. With any luck, I'll get a day or two's left overs out of it.

Tomorrow it's back to work. The 3-day weekend was nice. We need more of them! I have personal days (8 of them Bill!) so maybe I'll take a few more 3-day weekends here and there.

That's all for now, enjoy your Easter everyone.
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Friday, March 25, 2005
A Request, A Good Thing, and A Funny
First the request... please leave your name with a comment. It doesn't have to be your full name, a first name or nick name is just as good. ANONYMOUS is just so impersonal. Just select other and type in a name.

The good thing today is that I have off! The firm I work for actually designates this as a holiday. Amazing, 8 named holidays and 2 floating holidays. Paid time off is a good thing. It keeps people from burning out.

A funny thing happened today. Around the first of this month my buddy Doug airbrushed a T-Shirt for my son Nicholas. It was a Ratchet & Clank picture (Sony PS2 characters) that turned out great. Doug told Nick that he could wear the shirt but to wait about a week before washing it. This will give the paint time to really dry. Well today while I was getting dressed, Nick comes into my bedroom and asks me if it's ok to wash the shirt now. EEEEW! I told him to turn it inside-out and throw it in his hamper. We'll see how the picture holds up.

Doug, thanks again dude! Nicholas loves the shirt.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Say What?
Who the hell does Jeb Bush think he is? What gives him the right to assume custody of Terri Schiavo? Hey, can I get in on that too? Can I ask for custody of her?

Pleeease... the courts have ruled, over and over again. Terri Schiavo had requested not to be kept alive by artificial means and the courts are honoring her wish. For those of you that say food and water are essential to life, I agree, but a tube in your stomach delivering that food and water is artificial.

It time for Terri Schiavo's parents to let it go... it's time for the Shindlers to let their daughter go.
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My New Job
Well everyone has been asking me about my new job... ok, here's the scoop.

For those of you who haven't heard, I left my previous job at a software shop down in Wilmington and I started a new job at a major investment firm in Malvern about 3 weeks ago.

First the bad...
I hate wearing a tie!!! Why people think wearing a noose around your neck all day makes you look more professional I'll never know. My experience is that if the tie is even a tiny bit too tight, you get a nasty headache. Which would an employer rather have, a casually dressed, highly productive employee or a professionally dressed person that can't focus because they have a headache?
The drive is a killer! Mornings aren't too bad. Unless it's raining or snowing, I can usually go door-to-door in about 40 minutes. However, evenings are impossible. No matter when I leave, I can't get home in less than an hour. The worst part about is I can't figure out why! Traffic is always backed up between 202 & the Blue Route on the Schuylkill Expressway but there's no accidents, police activity, etc. So why is traffic backed up? The exact same thing happens on the Blue Route at the West Chester Pike exit. It sucks.

Now the good...
I got a nice raise by switching jobs. I have real, affordable health & dental insurance again. I work in a real office building (with windows!) in a safe location. I'm using state of the art computer equipment and if I need software tools to do my job better, all I have to do is ask. The people around me are all very nice... sometimes too nice. At times it's seems like the town of Stepford. However, I'm learning these people are genuine. These are all perks of a large company. Of course there's little annoyances. I requested access to a database on 3/11 and I'm still waiting. Web access is VERY limited and all inbound/outbound communications are logged and reviewed.

I have a meeting in 3 minutes so that's all for now. More rants and raves to come, trust me!
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Monday, March 21, 2005
Mind Your Own Damn Business!
Are you tired of the Terri Schiavo crap yet? Now we have pious, right-wing, hypocrites playing God for political gain. Hey congress (and W), this is a family matter! Mind your own damn business!!!

Court appointed doctors have declared (and continue to do so) that Terri is in a persistent, vegetative state. The courts sided with her husband & legal guardian, Michael Schiavo. The legislative branches of Florida and the United States drafted special bills. The executive branches of Florida and the United States signed them into law. The courts smacked down the laws as un-constitutional and again sided with the husband. The Florida and US Supreme Courts refused to get involved.

Hello? Anyone see a pattern here? Terri & Michael Schiavo, husband & wife, discussed what they would want the other to do in extreme circumstances. What gives anyone (her parents, the legislators, the president) the right to interfere with that? True, she doesn't have a living will but what ever happened to the verbal contract?

Fortunately Michele & I have living wills. Should we ever find ourselves in a situation like the Schiavo's, none of this crap will matter. Our legal, written decisions will be honored, not our parents, not the legislators, and certainly not the president of the United States.

To everyone out there, leave Terri & Michael Schiavo alone to do what they agreed upon. Stop being selfish and self-serving. Let Terri go so she can move on to the next stage of her existence.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005
I Got It !!!
What the hell happened to all the news stands in my area? Davis' Trading Post was out of Playboy so I had to drive all the way over to Trio News in Clifton Heights. I stopped at a Rite Aid, a 7-11, and a Wawa on the way and the people looked at me like I was a pervert. It's a Playboy for Christ's sake!

It's a shame how prudish we've all become, I remember Doc Wasserman's family pharmacy having Playboy (behind the counter of course). Anyway I got Nicholas his Playboy... I hope he likes it.
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A Crappy, Rainy Day
It's raining and miserable out right now. I can't complain though, it hasn't rained (or snowed) for over a week now.

I need to pick up my son's birthday present today... an issue of Playboy magazine! I get a lot of grief from Michele about this but it's only Playboy. It's not like I'm getting him an issue of Swank. Would it be better to get him a National Geographic with starving Ethiopians in it (as well as naked breasts)? How about an issue of Time magazine with pictures of the aftermath of a suicide bomber? I think Playboy is a safe bet anymore.

My folks called yesterday. I was outside doing some work and missed their call. Michele chatted with them for awhile though. Turns out my brother smacked his head on some steel at work. Hey Chris... dumb ass! :-) At least now he can't bust my stones for smacking my head on the boardwalk when we were kids. I hope he feels better.

As I type this I'm seeing something amazing. My kids are sitting at the kitchen table playing PAYDAY. You know, the board game. They're not playing Sony, they're not on the computer (or both), they're playing a board game. Even more amazing... they're not arguing!

Gotta go... I have a Playboy to pickup!
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Saturday, March 19, 2005
A First for Everything
Ok, so this is my first post. My buddy Bill has a blog (, I thought it was pretty cool, so I'm trying it out. Thanks for the idea Bill!

I see there is another Blogger user from my neighborhood. How's it going Iceman? That sucks about your presents.

Anyway, it's kinda late and I'm beat. That's all for now.
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